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2 New Trailers : Cry Wolf and Red Eye

2 more new trailers have been added today. The horror-thriller teen slasher Cry Wolf and Wes Craven's Red Eye. I have also inserted 2 new featurettes of Red Eye : A New Thriller and The Story of Red Eye. Check them out at the trailer link.
- 8/16/2005

A Bean 2 Teaser added for today. There are rumors that Rowan Atkinson is planning for a second sequel to the 1997 hit : Bean The Ultimate Disaster Movie. Could this be true? Only Time Will Tell. Click the Portfolio link to view the Bean 2 teaser.
- 8/14/2005

Today I made my own version of Saving Private Ryan. The Movie was superb but the official poster just did not cut in. Hated it a lot. I also created my version of King Kong and an imaginary Spielberg movie called Abduction.

The Ghost Rider trailer link has been fixed and 2 new trailers are now available - Tom Yum Goong has a FULL trailer and Lord of War.
- 8/11/2005

A New Poster has been uploaded Total Access and 4 new trailers are now available - Doom, Ghost Rider, Chicken Little and The Fog.
- 7/29/2005

3 New Posters : War of the Worlds and Jurassic Park 4. Plus 5 New Trailers which include the Wachowski Brother's V for Vendetta, 2nd trailer for A Sound of Thunder, Deuce is Back in Deuce Bigalow 2, and 2 Oliver Twists teasers.
- 7/22/2005

2 New Posters Evil Dead IV and Gladiator 2 posters have been uploaded.
- 7/7/2005

A Mad Max 4 Concept has been uploaded plus you can now download movie trailers directly into your computer. More of this at the trailer section.
- 6/22/2005

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